Expert Landscaping Services for Your Yard

Rock Creek Irrigation & Landscapes provides a variety of landscaping services to make sure your yard stays beautiful, healthy, and safe for your family and pets to enjoy. We go above and beyond to ensure your complete satisfaction from start to finish. Find out more about our many services below.

Lawn Maintenance for a Beautiful Yard

Your yard will be the envy of the neighborhood with full-service lawn maintenance from Rock Creek Irrigation & Landscapes. From soil testing and weed control to landscape management, topdressing, and more, we make sure your yard never looks abandoned or neglected.

Rock Creek’s Many Lawn Maintenance Services

As a locally-owned and operated business, Rock Creek can provide exactly what each client needs. We never offer prepackaged or cookie-cutter services. Our landscape and lawn maintenance experts spend time with each client to determine exactly what is needed, and that is what we provide. You’ll never pay for services you don’t need.


We offer the following lawn maintenance services and treatments:

Soil Testing and Weed Control


Seasonal Insect Control

Shrub Deep Root Fertilization

Landscape Management

Weed Control

Lawn and Garden Maintenance

Spring and Winter Preemergent App

Lime Treatment

Systemic Lawn Disease Control

Dormant Oil Insect Control

Ornamental Preemergent Spring

Ornamental Preemergent Fall



And More (If you can believe it!)


Contact Rock Creek for Your Irrigation System

A good irrigation system will go a long way in giving you a yard worthy of outdoor lighting. We plan, install, and maintain quality irrigation systems designed to blend seamlessly with your yard and last. A quality irrigation system from Rock Creek Irrigation & Landscapes will keep your grass, shrubs, and trees alive and beautiful all year long. We work with all of our clients to determine exactly what they want from an irrigation system. Then Rock Creek’s experts get to work to plan and install the perfect irrigation system for your yard.

Experienced Land Development in Aiken, SC

Great development can turn any yard into a beautiful work of art. Your yard can be more than just a few shrubs in random places. Imagine your yard with a variety of colors throughout the year, perfectly manicured shrubbery, and artistically designed flower beds.

Let the experts at Rock Creek Irrigation & Landscapes give you the yard you have always dreamed of. We give our clients what they want with only the best customer service.

Create Paradise with Our Landscaping Services

After we bring your vision to life with flowers, shrubs, trees, grass, and more, you need it to stay beautiful. Rock Creek installs and maintains quality irrigation systems to keep everything watered. We also work with you so you will know how to maintain your beautiful landscape.

Better yet, save your time and let Rock Creek’s specialists maintain your landscape. We offer a variety of lawn maintenance services. We keep your landscape healthy with soil testing and weed and insect control. We keep your landscape alive with irrigation systems, aeration, and fertilization. We keep your landscape beautiful with regular lawn maintenance. Then you can show it all off with Rock Creek’s outdoor lighting!


Get Your Dream Landscape Design Today

If you have a vision for the perfect landscape design and need help making it happen, call Rock Creek Irrigation & Landscapes today. From concept to perfect landscape, we offer expertise, creativity, and the best customer service in Aiken, SC.

Let Rock Creek Irrigation & Landscapes give you the landscape design you’ve always dreamed of.


Amazing Hardscape Design for Your Home

Add to your living landscape a beautiful hardscape design from Rock Creek Irrigation & Landscapes. We offer hardscape design, installation, and repair. Let us sit down with you and turn your vision into reality. Call (803) 649-1802 now! The estimate is free, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

What Is a Hardscape Design?

Your landscape is everything that is living in your yard – trees, flowers, shrubs, and grass. A hardscape adds another element of beauty and interest to your yard. A hardscape design includes walkways, retaining walls, raised flower beds, patios, outdoor fireplaces, and other elements often made of concrete, brick, or stone. All of these elements are as versatile and creative as you can imagine.

Wouldn’t your lush green backyard look great with a brick patio area with a matching fireplace? Perhaps you always have wanted stone paths to tie in all of your landscaped areas, turning your yard into a botanical garden. The experts at Rock Creek Irrigation & Landscapes in Aiken, SC can make all of that happen! We are the only call you need to make to turn your ordinary yard into an artistic masterpiece.

Rock Creek Has Everything You Need

Rock Creek Irrigation & Landscapes has everything you can imagine to turn any yard into a beautiful retreat from everyday life. You’ll want to live outside when we are done. Rock Creek will test your soil and adjust it so you can have the grass, flowers, and shrubs you want. We then maintain your landscape and lawn and help you maintain it with a quality irrigation system. We then plan and install a beautiful, functional hardscape design and show it all off with outdoor lighting.

Our lawn care and landscaping clients can always expect the best customer service.

That experience starts with a FREE estimate!