Amazing Hardscape Design for Your Home

Add to your living landscape with beautiful hardscape design from Rock Creek Irrigation & Landscapes. We offer hardscape design, installation and repair. Let us sit down with you and turn your vision into reality. Call (803) 649-1802 now! The estimate is free, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

What is a Hardscape Design?

Your landscape is everything that is living in your yard – trees, flowers, shrubs and grass. A hardscape adds another element of beauty and interest to your yard. A hardscape design includes walkways, retaining walls, raised flower beds, patios, outdoor fireplaces and other elements often made of concrete, brick or stone. All of these elements are as versatile and creative as you can imagine.

Wouldn’t your lush green backyard look great with a brick patio area with a matching fireplace? Perhaps you always have wanted stone paths to tie in all of your landscaped areas, turning your yard into a botanical garden. The experts at Rock Creek Irrigation & Landscapes in Aiken SC can make all of that happen! We are the only call you need to make to turn your ordinary yard into an artistic masterpiece.

Rock Creek Has Everything You Need

Rock Creek Irrigation & Landscapes has everything you can imagine to turn any yard into a beautiful retreat from everyday life. You’ll want to live outside when we are done. Rock Creek will test your soil and adjust it so you can have the grass, flowers and shrubs you want. We then maintain your landscape and lawn and help you maintain it with a quality irrigation system. We then plan and install beautiful, functional hardscape design and show it all off with outdoor lighting.

Call 803-649-1802 today for a free estimate on hardscape design!